UltraTress II is more than an ordinary hair extension.


Want longer hair? Sure, UltraTress II can do that. If your hair is too thin or too flyaway or too limp or too damaged from all the things you’ve done to try to make your hair better UltraTress II can help where ordinary hair extensions can’t.


The difference?


UltraTress II utilizes a unique method of application. This allows the UltraTress II hair to be placed higher up on the scalp and temples, which allows you to alter your hair in all directions, not just lengthwise.


What about your hair would you like to make different?


Its thickness, it’s volume, the way it falls, its length, its weight? UltraTress II makes it all possible.



A full head of  hair extensions in less than two hours!


 100% Remi Human Hair available in a wide selection of beautiful colors. UltraTress II is a unique application method, it can be applied to areas of the head that ordinary extensions can’t, high up on the temples and up to the anterior mid-scalp. It’s amazing what can be achieved.

Applied in a sandwich technique. Multiple usages are for length, volume, repair, creative color application and special effects. Comfortable to wear for 2 months without ridges or bumps. It’s ideal for people with baby fine hair. The most natural appearing attachment method. Technically advanced, UltraTress II is ahead of its time.



UltraStrands Extensions


UltraStrands is the process that will change your mind about hair extensions! If you have been thinking about hair extensions, you will want the ultimate in a natural appearance from a hair extension procedure.  For the elite client that wants the added length and styling flexibility.


Your answer is here: Introducing UltraStrands. It’s that simple. Our revolutionary multiple strand application technology reduces stress on your own hair, this application method also allows you greater styling options. Made of 100%  Remi Human Hair and is available in a wide selection of beautiful colors and an application method surpassed by none.